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Terry Lavy


7277 Piqua-Clayton Rd.

Covington, OH  45318


Mobile: (937) 606-4754

Fax:     (937) 473-2131

A little relevant info about Terry Lavy (The Conservationist):


Terry has volunteered with a local wildlife habitat organization called Pheasants Forever as their Habitat Chair for a number of years.  Through this experience, he has gained tremendous knowledge and countless contacts related to wildlife habitat management.  He has become a local expert on invasive plants identification, removal, and education.


After retiring from the concrete construction industry in 2009 where he was owner and president of his industry leading construction company, Terry now focuses on his passion of wildlife habitat improvement and education.


Terry has his own “back 40” that is maintain for wildlife.  He’s planted thousands of trees there, and more on other properties.  His property contains 2 farm ponds and 2 wetlands that he designed, built and maintains.  Approximately 17 acres of the 40 is planted in warm season grasses (prairie grass)  


I’ve got the knowledge, equipment, licenses and contacts to get the job done.


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