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How to eliminate Bush Honeysuckle.


Do NOT just cut it or pull it!  

     If you cut it, you MUST treat the stump with the proper herbicide.

If you don’t, you’ve just made the mess bigger.

The stump will sprout back many new leads.


    Pulling it is way more work than it’s worth.  And when you disturb the ground in our area of Ohio, you’ll likely have an ocean of invasive garlic mustard move in.  (It’s worse than the honeysuckle).  And each one of those small broken honeysuckle roots will sprout back too.

     Grinding and chopping it with a machine is not selective and chops everything its path.  The honeysuckle is splintered and will likely sprout back with a vengeance.  Grinding is sometimes quicker, but plan on needing to do it again.  Meanwhile, don’t pop your tires or trip on all those splintered stumps.


Methods that do work:

Cut and Treat - (by hand)

    Any time of the year that the ground is NOT frozen hard, you can cut the honeysuckle close to the ground and paint or spray the stump with the proper herbicide.  It will not sprout back next spring.  


**Use a tiny amount of of Garlon 4 or Tordon for this.  Or a high concentration Glyphosate dilution.


***using a chainsaw to cut honeysuckle can be extremely dangerous!  Small tangled branches leaning every which way create unexpected pinch points.  You’re in tight quarters, awkward positions, with branches in your face, and falling on you.  You need to cut close to the ground and chainsaws take a while to sharpen after you hit the dirt.  For safety and efficiency, we use  heavy duty brush cutters (stihl FS250) with a metal blade similar to a circular saw whenever we can.


Foliar spray (spraying the leaves)

    There is a period of a few weeks in the fall when most trees are dormant and the honeysuckle is still green.  If you spray most of the leaf surface with the right herbicide during this window of opportunity, you’ll kill the honeysuckle without harming the good vegetation close by.  

     Next spring you’ll see skeletons that can be cut and removed more easily, or just leave them stand.

    We’ve got a 150 gallon tank with a high pressure pump and 300 foot of hose with a precision spray gun on the end.  We are very fast, selective, and effective at killing large amounts of honeysuckle this way.


**In general you can use about a 2% mix of of Glyphosate.  Our recipe is more complex than that, and varies depending on environmental conditions.



***Exact herbicides and recipes are intentionally left out, because specifics can vary depending on many different factors.  Read and understand all labels and only use herbicides where and how they are recommended.