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Honeysuckle, garlic mustard, Johnson Grass.....    We’re set up to eradicate them all.

Why to eliminate Bush Honeysuckle and other

invasives from your property!


Invasive Honeysuckle plants are literally taking over our woodlands, turning them into a monoculture of aliens.

    They poison the soil for native plants, out compete them for nutrients & water, & choke out light trying to reach the woods floor.  Honeysuckle causes a huge amount of soil erosion & stream siltation.  

Terry Lavy,    “The Conservationist”

Here are some hints and tips on How to Eradicate Honeysuckle

You should be able to see into this woods.

Not much sunlight reaching the ground

6 ft in one year!!

Garlic Mustard Rosettes First year

Garlic Mustard

-tall and lots of seeds

2nd year.

Here’s another “bad weed” very common to the area.

How to control garlic mustard

Here’s a list of of common invaders we are seeing

Marianist Environmental Education Center has a fantastic article HERE